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Clients and credits


Recent clients include Rogers Communications, Subaru, Express, Curology, and Farm Credit East . Cardfight Vanguard Overdress is available for viewing on YouTube, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Prime.

Commercial voiceover


Shaw Communications   


Cenovus Energy             




Lotto 649   


Westjet Airlines

Edison Cannabis​                     


Calgary Stampede           



​Government of Alberta                         ​

Tacotime Restaurants        

Chinook Credit Union  



​Cardell Homes

Kicking Horse Resorts  




​Alberta Farmers Assc.


Rogers Communications  






ATCO Energy  





Animation voiceover


Masanori  |   Cardfight Vanguard OverDress   |   Bushiroad

Shin Nitta  |   Cardfight Vanguard   |   Bushiroad

Tsuguhito   |   Kiznaiver   |   Trigger/Crunchyroll

George de Sand   |   G Gundam   |   Sunrise

Gohan   |   Dragonball GT  |   Toei Animation

Kai Shiden   |   Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam   |   Toei Animation

Recca   |   Flame of Recca   |   Viz Media

Hiltz  |   Zoids Chaotic Century   |   Xbec/Cartoon Network

Tak Carter   |   D.I.C.E.   |   YTV

Mr. Teacher   |   Haunted House   |   CJ E&M

Gohan   |   Dragonball GT  |   Toei Animation

Riehlvelt   |   Hunter X Hunter   |   Viz Media

Haruki   |   Vipers Creed   |   Viz Media

Animation directing

Cardfight Vanguard OverDress   |   6 Episodes   |   Bushiroad

Cardfight Vanguard Shinemon Arc   |   31 Episodes   |   Bushiroad

Cardfight Vanguard 2018   |   52 Episodes   |   Bushiroad

Cardfight Vanguard GZ   |   24 Episodes   |   Bushiroad

Cardfight Vanguard G Next   |   52 Episodes   |   Bushiroad

Future Card Buddyfight Ace   |   2 Episodes   |   Bushiroad

Future Card Buddyfight X   |   4 Episodes   |   Bushiroad

Video Game voiceover

Gundam Assault Battle 2


Gundam Assault Battle 3

Zeta Gundam DX 


Dynasty Warriors: Gundam


Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2


Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3                         ​

Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta




Mega Man X Command

Mega Man Powered Up

Order and Chaos

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